Officers in Norwich West

Every Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) work with their beat managers and engagement officers to deliver your local priorities.
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Mike Larkin

Sgt Mike Larkin

Warrant/Collar number: 1632

Beth Anness

PC Beth Murray

Warrant/Collar number: 1841

West Earlham/Larkman Beat Manager. Contact on 101 or email [email protected]
Swinborne James

PC James Swinborne

Warrant/Collar number: 361896

Beat Manager (University/West Earlham Beat Manager) 101
[email protected]
Baitey Peter

PC Peter Baitey

Warrant/Collar number: 360632

Beat Manager (Bowthorpe) Ext:101
[email protected]
Collingsworth Shaun

PC Shaun Collingsworth

Warrant/Collar number: 1354

Beat Manager (Marlpit) 101 Ext:5409
[email protected]
Solomon Martin

PC Solomon Martin

Warrant/Collar number: 1321

Beat Manager - North Earlham 101 - Ext: 5428 [email protected]
Will Watkiss

PC Will Watkiss

Warrant/Collar number: 951

North Earlham Beat Manager. Contact on 101 or email [email protected]
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