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Stop Hate in Norfolk (SHiN)

Stop Hate

Welcome to the Stop Hate in Norfolk web pages, a resource for everyone who wants to work towards tackling Hate in Norfolk.

What is the Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol?

The Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol aims to create a common standard for tackling hate crime/incidents across Norfolk.

It sets out how different organisations in Norfolk – whether public, private, voluntary or community – will work together, to make it easier for residents to report hate incidents and crime.

Any organisation in Norfolk can adopt the Protocol.

You can download the protocol below:

Word version - Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol

PDF version - Stop Hate in Norfolk Protocol

What is a hate incident/crime?

Hate incidents/crime can take many forms, some more obvious than others. Although physical violence, verbal abuse, damage to property and graffiti are common, other forms of hate incidents are on the increase. For example:

  • Instances where vulnerable people are befriended to be exploited known as ‘Mate Crime’. There may be safeguarding implications with this form of hate incident.
  • Internet hate crime is becoming increasingly common, especially with younger and vulnerable people, and can include anything from hate mail and texts to posting hate material on social media.

A hate incident/crime is any incident/crime that is motivated by hostility, prejudice or hate on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity.

What is Third Party Reporting?

Often, victims of hate incidents are not confident to report hate incidents to the Police, or they may not think it is important. Some people – particularly those with care and support needs - do not recognise that they have been the victim of a hate incident.

Third Party Reporting is simply where staff or volunteers in different organisations across Norfolk are trained to take a hate incident report on behalf of a victim or witness. You can download the reporting policy template here.

Contact us

Neil Howard - Norfolk County Council -
Equality and Accessibility Officer
Equality and Diversity Team

Julie Inns - Norfolk Constabulary - 
Temporary Equality & Diversity Manager

Free training on hate incident reporting, for staff, volunteers and residents

We recognise that not everyone will know much about hate incidents or crimes, or have the confidence to identify or report a hate incident. To address this, Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk County Council will soon be providing free e-learning and face-to-face training for staff, volunteers and residents.

Check back to this page for the free e-learning coming soon.