Road safety courses

There are various courses for riders (Safe Rider Course) and drivers (GOLD, Young Driver Education) to help reduce the number of deaths and serious accidents... Why not take one to gain more experience when you're on the road?

Safe Rider Scheme

Safe Rider is a joint initiative between Norfolk Constabulary and Norfolk County Council which aims to reduce motorcycle casualties.

The scheme comprises a series of downloads to keep, a two-and-a-half hour evening session and a five hour road session.

  • The underlying message of our workshops is that education is the key, not enforcement.
  • In a conflict free environment, riders will be introduced to the police roadcraft system - the corner stone of police riding.
  • The workshop provides individuals with professional advice and confirms their strengths and identifies their weaknesses as a rider.
  • During the road session you will receive a demonstration ride by a police rider and there will be an opportunity to have your riding assessed with constructive feedback.

Safe Rider is available to residents of Norfolk and the border towns who have a full licence, including Category A2, and are not already members of an advanced riding group.

The administration of the Norfolk project is handled by former police instructor and now Norfolk County Council's Road Safety Officer (Motorcyclists) Andy Micklethwaite and the road sessions conducted by serving Norfolk Constabulary motorcyclists.

Enquiries for inclusion in Safe Rider can be forwarded by email to: [email protected]. Please be sure to include your postcode in the email.

You may also find the Rider Skills downloads useful on the partnership website www.norfolk.gov.uk/motorcyclists which includes embedded video to reinforce the points. An application form for Safe Rider can be found on this website.


Young Driver Education

The Young Driver Education Team visit schools, colleges and other venues attended by young people to deliver Norfolk Road Casualty Reduction Partnership’s presentation, “Fatal 4, It Won’t Happen To Me”.

The team consists of experienced roads policing officers, fire officers and road safety officers.

Their audiences of young drivers and riders, soon-to-be drivers and those likely to be the passengers of young drivers take part in the presentation. They are encouraged to think about how they can change their behaviour and avoid bad habits. The sessions cover speeding, driving under the influence, mobile phone use and seat belts, as well as driving when tired and driver inexperience.

Since September 2011 over 40,000 young people have seen a presentation delivered by the team.

If you would like to arrange a presentation for a group of young people in a school, college or youth club or similar, please contact the Young Driver Education Coordinator Mr Andy Nattrass on 07500 126061 or email [email protected]  


GOLD (Guidance for Older Driver)

As drivers get older, some may become less confident on the road or have specific concerns about aspects of their driving, health or mobility.

Norfolk County Council is committed to supporting older drivers through its Guidance for Older Driver programme (GOLD). GOLD can help to reassure drivers and offers a driver development session designed to refresh skills and increase confidence.

GOLD is intended to offer help and advice and it is not a test. It’s not a process to stop people from driving. It’s an opportunity to help older drivers regain confidence, refresh skills and overcome any specific problems they may have.

>> think.norfolk.gov.uk/older-driver/