Registered Property

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Norfolk Police have joined forces with the online property database Immobilise to help keep property safe and reunite stolen items with their rightful owners.

Many lost or stolen items which are recovered from criminals can’t be returned to their owners, as without information on serial numbers or property marking police don’t know who they belong to.

By taking the time to register property on the Immobilise database, we have a higher chance of being able to return your lost/stolen property to you.

Your registered property would be shared with all law enforcement agencies across the country. This will help the police to return property to their lawful owners and will help catch criminals.

Almost any possession with a serial number can be registered for free, including:

  • mobile phones
  • iPods, other MP3 players and games consoles
  • laptops, computers and PDAs
  • satellite navigation and in-car equipment
  • bicycles.

Watches, jewellery, art and antiques can also be registered for a small fee. Users who upgrade can also add photos and certificates of ownership to their account.

If you would like register your valuables visit Immobilise.