Considerate Shooting Advice

Please follow the below advice to make sure you are using and transporting your gun in the safest way possible: 

  • Do not point any gun at a person, even if you know it is not loaded. At the very least you will scare someone if you point any gun at them, at worst you may kill them.
  • Can you be absolutely sure that the gun is not loaded? Check and recheck that it is unloaded.
  •  Keep the gun covered until you are about to use it. 
  • Only load your gun when you are about to start shooting.
  •  Make sure the gun’s barrel is clear of any obstruction. 
  • Only shoot when you are sure that it is safe to do so.
  •  Never put a loaded gun down. 
  •  Never lean a gun against anything or leave it on top of a vehicle.
  • Never shoot at or near power lines. 
  • When walking with your gun ensure that the barrels only ever point in a safe direction, ideally at the ground and keep your fingers away from the trigger until you are about to shoot.
  • The law protects wild birds and animals - only shoot lawful quarry species. 
  • Do not shoot if you are not sure what you are shooting at. 
  • Never shoot out of season. 

Transporting your gun

  • Lock it in the boot or place it in the back of an estate car and cover the gun with a rug or coat
  • Never transport a loaded gun
  • Never leave guns unattended in a vehicle.

Be considerate of others

  • Guns and shooting can cause distress and concern. When this happens it is usually unintentional. The following advice can prevent your shooting activities from being the cause of unnecessary concern to others.
  • Let local residents know what you are doing. 
  • Take a little time to politely explain what you will be doing and why. 
  • Often, a polite and friendly explanation will lead to understanding rather than complaints.
  • Be considerate about noise.
  • Be aware of public highways and paths and never inconvenience or place anyone in danger that is using them. Remember it is an offence to have a firearm in a public place without reasonable excuse.
  • Do not shoot close to highways where you may cause distress or danger. You can be prosecuted for shooting within 50 feet of the centre of a public highway. 
  • Never trespass with a firearm of any sort, including air weapons, to do so is a serious criminal offence.