Request a Collision Report Search

Request a Collision Report Search

Use this service to search for the details of a collision by completing the online application. The Road Collisions Support Team (RCST) only deal with collisions within the county area of Norfolk and Suffolk.

It is important to note that not all collisions reported to the police will have a full report prepared. In many cases where all drivers have met their duties under the Road Traffic Act, there are no injuries and no substantive evidence of offences, only an Incident Report with basic details will exist.

Please use the below application to request a search and to confirm Collision report number(Crash Reference) and to confirm what information the Police have available.

What do you need, Contact details, your clients personal information, time and location of collision, the ability to pay by BACS, 10 minutes to fill in this form

Client details : their role in the incident
Please confirm this is for an insurance claim/civil proceedings and details are correct.

Please review your form and click submit

On completion we will display the BACS details you must use to complete your payment. Your request will only be actioned once payment received.