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Norfolk Police remind football supporters to celebrate UEFA Euros safely and responsibly

In the lead up to the UEFA European Football Championships, Norfolk Police are urging football fans to enjoy the matches, behave appropriately and respect others.

Officers want everyone to have an enjoyable time during the postponed UEFA Euro 2020 that kicks off on Friday (11 June) but are reminding supporters to celebrate safely and responsibly.

Chief Superintendent David Buckley said: "We have lived through extraordinary times. I know how tough the last 12 months have been for everyone and the Euros will give us the opportunity to focus on something positive.

"If previous tournaments are anything to go by, these occasions can provide moments of intense joy and excitement as well as disappointment – both are integral to the experience. But this is not an excuse to allow those emotions to spill over into anti-social behaviour, hurting other people or damaging property. Any abusive behaviour on any level will not be tolerated – whatever the time of year and whatever the occasion.

"So, while it's a cause for celebration, I also want to stress that we will use all necessary resources to prevent disruption and will take a hard line against those who choose to be aggressive and are intent on causing trouble. Stick to the health regulations, stay safe and respect each other.”

If you are out-and-about cheering on your team with others, remember to stick to social distancing and health regulations, be drink-aware and watch your phone and wallet or purse.

Plan ahead and know how you are getting home at the end of the evening. Be cautious about how much you drink, as you need time for the effects of alcohol to wear off and as some games are midweek, you may find you are still over the limit the morning after a night of drinking.

Police will also be giving extra support to residents and businesses at match times - offering firm but fair and friendly policing. Officers have written to, and have been working with, licensees who intend to show Euro 2021 games in order to maintain the safety of customers and staff.

However, licensed premises showing Euro games also have the responsibility to do so in a safe and responsible manner without adversely impacting on the enjoyment of their customers and the wider public.

A number of posters aimed at encouraging people to enjoy the tournament safely and responsibly have been put together.

The public can be reassured that officers are well-versed in policing major events and, where required, will be patrolling trouble spots.

If you see a crime taking place, you can report the incident via the website here:

You can also telephone Norfolk Police on 101.

Please note in the event of an emergency you should always call 999.