Water safety message issued as hot weather continues | Norfolk Constabulary

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Water safety message issued as hot weather continues

Police are reminding people to stay safe when visiting the Broads and coastal areas as hot weather is expected to peak across the county this Bank Holiday weekend.

The message from Norfolk Constabulary’s Broads Beat team comes as temperatures across the county are set to rise to around 25 degrees Celsius over the next few days.

Police are keen to remind members of the public that while a river may be a tempting way to cool off, the water can have hidden dangers.

PC Paul Bassham said: "We want people to come and enjoy what the Broads has to offer, but to be aware of the risks and stay safe.

"There are many dangers that people may not necessarily see such as the change in depth, sudden decreases in temperature, unseen objects and currents, which can cause even the strongest of swimmers to get into difficulty very quickly.”

Officers are also keen to remind people about the dangers of mixing alcohol and water. PC Bassham continued: "We would like to remind those at the helm of a vessel that there are hefty fines for navigating when not in proper control of your boat whether this is due to taking drugs or being intoxicated.” 

Broads Beat officers will continue to carry out land and river patrols over the bank holiday weekend and into the summer season to ensure the Broads remain a safe place to visit.