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Specials in the Spotlight

The work of Norfolk's Specials will be under the spotlight this weekend with officers tackling issues of most concern to the public including anti-social behaviour and speeding.

Norfolk currently has 270 Specials many of whom will be donning their uniform to take part in National Specials Weekend which runs from today Friday 3 June to Sunday 5 June 2016.

The aim of the annual event is to highlight the vital role performed by the Special Constabulary and the ongoing contribution its members make to policing in their communities.

Extra Specials will be out and about in towns and villages across the county providing high visibility reassurance and dealing with concerns around speeding and retail theft.

A number of other Specials will be focusing on more specialist roles including roads policing and rural crime as well as assisting with the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Officers will also be on foot patrol, engaging with local people and visiting local businesses to offer crime prevention advice particularly in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Thetford and the North Norfolk areas.

Norfolk's Special Chief Officer Malcolm Pearson MBE, said: "We have a highly professional Special Constabulary which makes a considerable contribution to the operational side of policing.

"While National Specials Weekend is a great way of highlighting the vital work carried out by our Specials, it is important to stress that officers are committed to supporting their communities throughout the year.

"They are entrusted with considerable responsibilities and every time they come on duty they face the same challenges and problems encountered by their regular police colleagues.

Deputy Chief Constable Charlie Hall, said: "Special officers play an invaluable part in supporting the work of Norfolk Constabulary and the service we provide to local people.

"Such a weekend helps to emphasise first-hand the hard work and dedication of our Specials who continue to show a commitment and energy which is truly admirable.

"We are always seeking more volunteers to come and join the Special Constabulary and would be very interested to hear from anyone who believes they can contribute.”

Specials Manager, Sue Goode, said: "The main emphasis this weekend will be on dealing with issues of most concern to local communities.

"Being a Special is a very rewarding, fulfilling and interesting role where no two duties are the same. We are always on the look-out for committed individuals who are keen to experience the world of policing while supporting their local community."

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green, said: "Our Special Constabulary is an excellent example of how, used properly, the specialist skills, experience, and dedication of volunteers can add significant value to what our police service does. These highly committed individuals give freely of their time all year round – almost 80,000 hours in the last 12 months alone – and the role they play in bringing the police and public closer together is a vital one. They are, and must continue to be, a highly valued part of Norfolk’s policing family.”

The Special Constabulary is a voluntary body to help the regular police force in meeting the policing needs of the community. Their roles include providing highly visibility patrols and helping police major incidents and events.
Special Constables provide a vital link in the partnership between the police service and the public.

Anyone interested in joining the Special Constabulary can visit our website at www.norfolk.police.uk or for an informal chat about the role telephone 01953 425699 ext 2371.