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Police warn against 'complacency'

Police are warning against complacency ahead of the first bank holiday weekend since lockdown restrictions were eased earlier in the month.

Gatherings of more than six people outside and the mixing of householders indoors remain off-limits in the latest set of regulations, introduced on Monday 12 April as part of Step 2 of the roadmap out of lockdown.

Officers will take robust action against organisers of illegal raves, which historically have been held over Bank Holiday weekends.

Saturday could also see Norwich City secure the Championship title, with fans across the county encouraged to keep celebrations within the rules, avoiding any large gatherings.

Superintendent Nathan Clark said: "Our journey out of lockdown has been overwhelmingly positive, with people enjoying their new freedoms sensibly, as the last two weekends has shown.

"Typically, Bank Holiday weekends see more people out and about, going to venues and visiting our coastal and beauty spots.

"We want people to enjoy themselves but to do so safely, following social distancing guidelines and sticking to the rules.”

Residents and landowners are also being urged to report suspicious activity over the bank holiday weekend in a bid to prevent illegal raves and unlicensed music events (UMEs).

Anyone organising an illegal rave faces a fine of £10,000 while anyone attending is liable for a £100 fine.

"These penalties will be used alongside existing legislation, where evidence is available,” said Supt Clark. "Early intervention is key to disrupting and preventing these events and experience has shown that information from the public plays a crucial role in this,” he added.

Members of the public and landowners can play a key role in disrupting these events by providing information to police about activity around open land or disused buildings, including;

  • Any information that a rave is taking place (loud music/lights)
  • Sightings of vans, lorries or large numbers of vehicles gathering near woods, rural car parks or near to disused buildings/warehouses
  • Fliers advertising raves
  • Broken padlocks on access gates, to areas where a rave may take place
  • Posts on social media advertising events  

Anyone with information about an illegal rave or UME and witnesses any suspicious activity on farmland or in buildings should contact Norfolk Constabulary on 101.