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Police target motorists with fake driving licences

Officers have been targeting motorists with fake driving licences as part of a Road Policing initiative.

Operation Foxtail saw officers conducting both intelligence-led patrols as well as high-visibility vehicle checks in order to target individuals in possession of fake driving licences.

The initiative took place between Wednesday 8 September and Thursday 9 September and involved officers from the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team and the Great Yarmouth Policing Team, with enforcement taking place along the A47 and the A143 at Great Yarmouth.

A total of 50 vehicles were stopped throughout the two days of action with over 35 offences being committed.

Drivers were dealt with for the following offences:

  • 1 x wanted for using a counterfeit licence and assault (man arrested)
  • 2 x using a counterfeit licence
  • 6 x vehicle seized for driving licence offences
  • 6 x vehicles seized for not being road worthy
  • 5 x driving without a valid licence
  • 3 x driving whilst using a mobile phone
  • 3 x driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition
  • 3 x tyre tread below legal limit
  • 1 x careless driving
  • 1 x not in proper control of a vehicle
  • 1 x insecure load
  • 1 x rear light offence
  • 1 x number plate offence
  • 2 x lights defective
  • 1 x cracked windscreen
  • 1 x defective exhaust

Operation lead, PC Josh Preston said: "This operation was setup in order to target the growing number of fake driving licences being used by drivers on our roads, particularly in the Great Yarmouth area.

"This has been a successful couple of days stopping people and vehicles which shouldn’t be using the road network, putting other road users at risk. Some of the vehicles stopped, were in such an unroadworthy condition that they have been immediately taken off the road.

"This has put the message out there, that we are cracking down on the use of counterfeit driving licences, which run the risk of prison time.”

Sergeant Joe Simon from the Acle Roads and Armed Policing Team added: "We will continue to target motorists who are driving without a valid driving licence through operations such as this.

"These drivers pose a huge risk to not only themselves but to other road users since offenders will never have passed a driving test and evidenced a competent standard of driving. 

"Driving without a valid licence invalidates any insurance policy in place, and therefore those found to be driving contrary to their licence status will also be uninsured. 

"These offences make you more likely to be involved in a serious or even fatal collision and if that isn’t enough of a deterrent, offences such as this carry a penalty of up to ten years in prison.”

Giles Orpen-Smellie, Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk said: “Norfolk Constabulary have been carrying out or supporting a number of road safety operations in recent weeks, targeting everything from drink and drug use, the dangers faced by cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians, and offences caused by HGV drivers.

“I don’t want anyone in Norfolk to think they can take a chance with a vehicle or behaviour that may impact the safety of others and, given the casualty toll on our roads, I wholeheartedly support this work to tackle such offences. Road safety is a significant element of the work carried out by the constabulary every day, and as I develop a new Police and Crime Plan for Norfolk and look ahead to future funding arrangements for the force, seeing the outcomes of these operations and what is happening on the roads in our county are a timely demonstration of how much it takes to keep our roads safe.”