Police disperse illegal rave in Great Yarmouth | Norfolk Constabulary

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Police disperse illegal rave in Great Yarmouth

Officers have this evening (Saturday 6 March 2021) successfully shut down an un-licenced music event in Great Yarmouth.

The event is believed to have begun at around 7pm, when over 100 people gathered along Yarmouth sea-front, on North Drive.

After attending the scene, police brought the rave to a controlled close just after 10pm this evening.

Three men were arrested at the scene, and a number of fines and warnings were issued in relation to breeches of COVID lockdown rules.

Officers remain on scene this evening to ensure the area is made safe, and no further offences take place.

Superintendent Nathan Clark said: “Unfortunately, while the majority of people continue to adhere to lockdown rules at what we know is a critical stage in our journey back to some kind of normality, a group of people this evening had other ideas.

“We’ve been here before, and we won’t tolerate it. Not only is this kind of event illegal; it jeopardises the safety of those who decide to attend, and disrupts the lives of those members of the community who live nearby.

“We will continue to do what we need to do to keep people safe, which includes taking a proportionate level of action in response to any breaches of public health, and the law.”