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Over 35 vehicles stopped as part of Roads Policing Action Day

More than 35 vehicles were stopped by police in Norwich on Tuesday (20 July) as part of a multi-agency operation to reduce road casualties and disrupt criminality. 

A number of officers took part in the Roads Policing Action Day, including the Operation Moonshot Team who use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to target known offenders and interrupt criminals using the road network, while also targeting unsafe vehicles.

Officers working alongside the Safety Camera Van Partnership conducted roadside checks at the Thickthorn Park & Ride throughout the day.

A total of 38 vehicles were escorted to the check site, with 16 Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) issued throughout the day and two vehicles seized. Drivers were dealt with for the following offences:

  • 7 x vehicle defect
  • 2 x insecure load
  • 1 x vehicle in a dangerous condition
  • 1 x driving without a valid licence
  • 1 x driving without valid MOT
  • 2 x driving without valid insurance
  • 2 x weight offences

In addition, 76 vehicles were caught speeding.

Inspector Simon Jones in the Roads and Armed Policing Team said: "This was a very successful day with a number of people being dealt with for various offences including vehicle defects, driving without insurance or a licence.

"It is extremely disappointing to see that some drivers are not only putting their own safety at risk but also the safety of other road users. We continue to emphasise just how important it is to ensure your vehicle is not only road safe by checking for defects but also to ensure you are driving in a responsible manner with the relevant policies in place.

"A number of TORs were issued on Tuesday as part of this initiative, which could result in fines and/or points on drivers’ licences. Anyone with existing points on their licence risks losing it completely. 

"This follows a series of action days, and is the latest to bring skills and resources together to disrupt criminal activity and make our communities safer."