Op Sceptre - knife crime week of action

Police in Norfolk will next week take part in a national week of action targeting knife crime.

Operation Sceptre aims to highlight the risks that carrying a blade can bring, as well as targeting offenders who use and carry knives.

Between January and December 2021, knife crime fell in Norfolk by 21.5%, however police have launched a number of investigations recently following serious incidents involving young people and knives in Norwich.

During the week of action members of the public will be able to hand over knives without fear of prosecution to one of three surrender bins at Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and King’s Lynn police stations.  This includes kitchen knives, pen knives, flick knives, machetes, and other bladed items.

Officers from teams across the county will work together to carry out targeted patrols and disrupt offenders who carry and use knives; work with Norfolk County Council Trading Standards to carry out checks at local retailers to ensure they are not selling knives to anyone under the age of 18, and inputs to young people from Safer School officers.

Inspector Ian Cox, who is co-ordinating the force’s activity, said: “This week highlights our focus on knife crime in the county. While we’ve seen a reduction in knife crime, we know recent high-profile incidents particularly in Norwich have caused concern in the community and it’s right we do everything we can to prevent young people from carrying knives in the first place.

“The various activities being carried out will focus on education, engagement, prevention, and enforcement, all of which are important in playing our part to reduce knife crime.

“By carrying a knife, you put yourself in much greater danger and are more likely to become involved in a violent situation and get injured yourself.”

If you suspect someone is carrying a knife please call Norfolk Police on 101. Or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Crimestoppers is an independent charity and will not take any personal details and the call cannot be traced.