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Norfolk Constabulary targets hotspots where people feel unsafe

CC Paul Sanford

Officers are patrolling hotspot areas in the county where people have reported feeling unsafe via the Street Safe online tool.

This follows on from Chief Constable Paul Sanford’s pledge to work with communities and reassure people in their local areas with a visible presence in crime hotspots and areas people feel unsafe. This is also part of Norfolk Constabulary’s approach to tacking violence against women and girls and increased concerns over safety following the murder of Sarah Everard.

Mr Sanford, who has been patrolling with officers in King’s Lynn as part of the Park, Walk and Talk initiative targeting areas people feel unsafe, will be part of the visible presence in Street Safe hotspots over the coming weeks.

He said: “We are taking action based on the information fed back directly from communities. We know a visible presence provides reassurance and is an effective way of reducing crime. The Street Safe tool is running until at least the end of this month so we would encourage people to continue to let us know the areas they feel are unsafe in our county.

“This initiative will help us to ensure that our time patrolling is spent in the areas where it will have the greatest impact for local residents.”

After our initial launch (October 7 2021), we have had a total of 405 reports from members of the public via the Street Safe tool, a Home Office pilot scheme up until the end of November. We are using this information alongside crime figures for different areas to deliver a visible presence and will be using drones as an additional measure in some hotspots.

Officers are sharing information about their patrols via district social media accounts under #StreetSafe.

If you would like to report an area you feel is unsafe, we are particularly encouraging women and girls to report, please click on

Officers working on their own, will proactively offer to carry out a verification check for anyone they come across who appears, as a result of their interaction with police, to be concerned for their safety. A member of the public can also request that a verification check be carried out and we will respond immediately if we are asked to do that.

The Street Safe tool will be promoted via Norfolk Constabulary's social media channels. Please follow us on Twitter @NorfolkPolice on our Norfolk Constabulary Facebook page and on Instagram norfolkpolice.

If you are in immediate danger you should still call 999. Police 101 is the non-emergency number. Some charities and organisations will also be offering support, please see the list on our website if you need to contact someone for support or advice:

Silent Solution

The Silent Solution system helps filter out accidental or hoax 999 calls from those who need genuine police assistance. If you are calling from a mobile phone and speaking or making an immediate sound would put you in danger and you need immediate help, call 999 and stay on the line, then press 55 when prompted and the call will be transferred to the police, who will know it is an emergency call.