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Community update from T/Superintendent Nathan Clark

T/Supt Nathan Clark

Last weekend, we witnessed numerous blatant breaches of lockdown rules, resulting in 88 fines being issued between Friday and Sunday. 

This included 16 people found at a house party in the early hours of Sunday morning in Thetford, with each being given an £800 fine. This new measure, introduced by the government last month, is aimed people attending gatherings of more than 15 people. 

Our officers also dealt with a couple who had travelled from their home in east London to Winterton for a walk along the beach. After failing return to their car after more than hours in poor weather condition, the couple sparked a search after coast watch volunteers raised the alarm. Along with the Coastguard and volunteers, we searched for the couple for just over an hour before they were found safe and well. After speaking with the couple, it was established they’d travelled from London earlier in the day. While it probably wasn’t their intention to trigger a coastal search, it does demonstrate the consequences that our decisions and actions can have, however unintended. 

Fines were also given to seven people attending a birthday party at an address in King’s Lynn, five people found mixing at another home in Lynn, three people in Wymondham found to be mixing after officers were called to a fight. 

I think most people would agree this third lockdown has been the toughest yet, and while there is real hope with the vaccination programme, there’s still someway to go before we can begin to imagine what some form of normality looks like. 

People are continuing to make real sacrifices to stick to the lockdown rules; not seeing friends or family and staying home as much as possible. I’m grateful to the overwhelming majority of you who are continuing to do the right thing and follow the rules, which is why it’s so important we act when people blatantly ignore them. 

There are no excuses for the behaviour witnessed last weekend which led to the fines being issued and we will continue to take action where proportionate and necessary.