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Caitlin and the kitten

SC Wright with Caitlin and Ssgt Kimberley

A special Sergeant from Norfolk Constabulary has proved just how special he is after he bought a kitten for a little girl who lost her cat just days before.

Special Sergeant Tony Kimberley decided he had to make the kind gesture after an incident last week in which the family of 13-year-old Caitlin Berg from Forncett St Peter, near Long Stratton, needed some assistance.

"I could see an obvious way to help Caitlin and it involved us going a little out of our way to help, but seeing Caitlin’s face was worth it."

Whilst in attendance S/Sgt Kimberley learned that Caitlin, who suffers from Bi-Polar, had become extremely distressed after her beloved kitten had been struck by a car and died.

The kitten was Caitlin’s world and was valuable in helping manage Caitlin’s symptoms of Bi-Polar as it helped regulate her moods and comforted her when she was down.

S/Sgt Kimberley said: “Meeting Caitlin that evening had a huge effect on me. I could see how important Caitlin’s cat was to her, not only as a pet but also to help manage her Bi-Polar episodes; so when I saw an advert for some kittens for sale, I knew what I had to do.”

S/Sgt Kimberley and his colleague, Special Constable Kathryn Wright, presented Caitlin with her new black kitten, which she appropriately named ‘Bobby’, on Saturday 11 June 2016.

S/Sgt Kimberley said: “I could see an obvious way to help Caitlin and it involved us going a little out of our way to help, but seeing Caitlin’s face was worth it.

“The whole reason myself and all my colleagues volunteer to do a job others get paid to do, is to personally develop, help others and do something active to help the community we all live in. There is no difference in our uniform, powers, or the love of doing what we do and I like to think all my colleagues would have done the same had they been there.

“I don't care who you are or how long you have been a Police Officer. When you see a child in distress it can't help but tug at your heart strings and make you want to help. We are there to protect the public. It is our primary role. But I would not be the man I would like to be if I didn't respond to Caitlin’s distress by making it all right again.

“The good we do is rarely mentioned yet it happens every hour of every shift. Broken down on the A11? We turn up to protect you. Victim of Crime? We turn up to reassure you and help you. It's not just me though, it's also every one of my awesome colleagues as well. Everyone one of them, who every day is out there putting their own health, body and heart on the line to help people.

“It takes a special person to do this job and go home and be normal after their shift, but Caitlin’s reaction and the lovely thank you note from the family spread around the office meaning everyone went home from their shift with a smile on their face.”

Caitlin’s mother Helen said: “I cannot thank Special Sergeant Kimberley enough for his wonderful gesture. It was so unexpected and has meant so much to all of us. When Caitlin’s cat died she became overwhelmed with grief and this new kitten was the best help she could have received.

“S/Sgt Kimberley and his colleagues have all been so kind, so non-judgemental and so understanding. They really are special in every sense of the word.”