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Statement on Roudham incident

Police were called to farmland in Roudham at about 12.20pm on Saturday 18 November following reports of a confrontation involving two groups.

In this particular incident though, officers had been called to a confrontation between two groups on private land. It was while dealing with the confrontation that an allegation was made by one of the groups about a hare being killed by a hound somewhere in the locality. A number of people from that group were asked if they had evidence that would assist the police but none was forthcoming.

Regardless of this officers searched the area as best they could in the circumstances and engaged the group with horses and hounds. Information was provided that indicated lawful activity and no blood was found on any hounds by the sergeant who attended. With no further lines of investigation available to the officers and no persons, having been asked, coming forward with evidence to assist the police investigate; no further proportionate investigation could be advanced at that time. Should any person have direct evidence relating to any criminal activity in respect to the incident at Roudham on Saturday 18 November please contact Norfolk Constabulary on 101 and quote CAD 214 18/11/2017.

In relation to the quad bike – officers were assisted by the landowner. The quad bike was only driven on private land. One of the pictures in circulation on social media is such that it appears the quad bike is being driven on a public highway. From enquiries it has been established that this was in fact a concrete pad track on the private farm land. This farm has a network of such tracks.

Hare coursing is a banned blood sport and is illegal activity. We are committed to disrupting illegal hare coursing and the force has a Rural Crime Task Force which operates from Swaffham. The team, which consists of a small number of police officers supported by the Special Constabulary, carries out hare coursing operations each month. The first operation of the season was held in September. No arrests were made but one vehicle was seized and four people were spoken to and had details taken. This response builds upon the previous work and success Norfolk Constabulary has had in tackling illegal hare coursing. These operations will continue.