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Police shut down Aldeby illegal rave

Police have disrupted an illegal rave at Aldeby near Beccles and seized sound equipment.

Up to 300 people and more than 100 vehicles were at the event near Stanley Hills which is thought to have started just after midnight (Sunday 18 August).

Specialist resources from Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies were brought in to disrupt the event, which was closed down at about 4pm this afternoon.

Sound equipment including decks and three generators have been seized by police and the registration numbers of all vehicles present at the site have been taken by police, with a view to prosecuting for the offence of driving on common land.  

Chief Inspector Nathan Clark, who led today’s operation, said: “We were made aware of this event by local residents who contacted police to complain about the noise.

“Officers have been at the scene since the early hours, monitoring the event and blocking entrances to prevent further people attending.

“This afternoon, specially trained public order officers from Norfolk and Suffolk entered the site and closed the event down safely.

"Raves, not uncommon at this time of year, can be very disruptive for local residents and landowners while the presence of hundreds of people and vehicles can also have a detrimental impact on the environment.

“The action taken today falls in line with our robust approach to these events and investigations are ongoing to identify the organisers.”

Aldeby illegal rave

Police are currently at the scene of a rave at Aldeby near Beccles, which is thought to have started just after midnight (Sunday 18 August).

Officers attended the site near Stanley Hills and efforts were made to contain the area. Police blocked entrances to the site to prevent further people attending and a notice to leave direction was issued shortly after 3.30am.

About 200 people are thought to be in attendance with around 100 vehicles on site and officers will look to close the event down in a safe and controlled manner.

Superintendent Mike Britton said: "We received a number of calls overnight from local residents concerning this incident, complaining about the noise.

"A number of police resources are on scene, including the drone unit and specially trained public order teams who are experienced in dealing with such events.

"We will keep the community updated on police activity and try to identify the event organisers, seize equipment and deal with any criminal offences.”