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Kerb crawlers tackled in ongoing operation

In a bid to reassure the residents of Norwich, officers are targeting kerb crawlers as part of an ongoing policing operation.

In the last four nights officers have issued 22 warning letters to owners of vehicles seen to be acting suspiciously in the area of Rosary Road.

If these vehicles are seen in the area again, police now have the ability to charge the suspects straight to court saving time and money in the process.

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, Mark Shepherd, said: "We are hoping this new way of tackling kerb crawling will allow us to expedite the process and bring offenders before a judge as quickly as possible.

"Ultimately, we are hoping the warning letters, which are sent to registered owners, will prevent further incidents and eventually reduce kerb crawling in the area.

"If you see any suspicious behaviour in the area of Rosary Road, or have information, please contact Norfolk Police on 101.”