Sunflower campaign is blooming

Sunflower plants across Norfolk are starting to bloom as support for our emergency services sunflower campaign continues.

Beautiful sunflower creations have been appearing in windows across the county over the past six weeks, as communities display their sunflowers alongside their rainbows as a symbol of hope for the future – and to show support for the emergency services and key workers.

More than 40 thousand sunflower seeds have been distributed to homes across Norfolk as officers spot the flower creations whilst on patrol, and the campaign has been so successful, the Co-op have kindly donated a further 10,000 sunflower seeds.

Now members of the public have started posting images of their seeds starting to grow on social media and Assistant Chief Constable Julie Wvendth said she’s been overwhelmed by the support: “The response to this campaign highlights the community’s ongoing commitment to the Government guidelines around social distancing and their support of the NHS, Emergency Services and key workers.

“As we slowly start to move into the next phase of social distancing, we are looking forward to seeing more images of the sunflowers starting to take roots and grow.


Tag us in your blooming displays

Don’t forget to share images of your growing sunflowers with us on social media – we really love seeing them and we can add then to our gallery of your displays on our website.