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Is it App-ropriate this Safer Internet Day?

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Norfolk police are asking parents and carers to consider whether it is App-ropriate this Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day (Tuesday 5 February), which is co-ordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre, aims to highlight positive uses of technology and the role everyone plays in helping to create a better and safer online community for children and young people.

Norfolk Police will be supporting this year’s campaign by asking parents and carers to look at whether the apps, games and websites their children have access to are ‘App-ropriate’.

Over the course of the day officers will be using social media to share tips and advice on some of the most popular games and apps available to young people.

Inspector Bex Brown said: “Technology is ever evolving and it can sometimes be quite difficult for families to keep up with the new games and apps available to our children every day. Therefore we have published a series of guides to some of the most popular online trends in order to provide young people and their parents with the information they need to enjoy the virtual playground responsibly and respectfully.

“We are asking parents and carers across the county to sit down with their children and talk about the three W’s – What are their children doing online? Where do they go online? and Who do they talk to online?

“The theme of this year’s Safer Internet day is ‘Together For A Better Internet’ and by working together families can ensure they are all playing a role together to stay safe online.”

As part of Safer Internet day families are also being encourage to sign up to their own Internet Safety Plan. This gives them the chance to talk about online behaviours, such as what they should or shouldn’t do on the internet, agree how long devices can be used every day and what to do if something has caused upset.

During the week officers will also be going into various schools across the county to raise awareness and educate young people around online safety as part of their continued work under the Safer Schools Partnership.


Internet Safety Plan

Take time together as a family to fill in this worksheet to ensure that everyone stays safe when online! It starts with a hunt around the house for those digital devices which connect to the big world wide web. 



What Parents need to know? 

Click on the below tabs to read more on the apps, games and websites your children have access to... after all, you want to ensure that they are 'App-ropriate’.



YouTube is a video sharing site or application that enables you to upload, view, rate, share and comment on a wide variety of videos. Consisting of a huge resource of information, advice and entertainment, YouTube now has 1.9 billion logged-in monthly users who watch a billion hours of video daily. Does your child watch content on YouTube? If so, read our top tips for parents and what you need to know;




Snapchat is a photo sharing app for mobile phones and tablets. The app allows users to share images, videos and chat with friends which appear for a short period of time before disapearing. Is your child on Snapchat? If so, read our top tips for parents and what you need to know;




Instagram is an image and photo sharing app that allows users to share moments with the world. Users can choose to add filters to and make adjustments to their photos The app also has a live streaming feature and additional add-ons, such as 'Boomerang', 'Hyperlapse', and 'Layout', which can be used to enhance their feed. Is your child on Instagram? If so, read our top tips for parents and what you need to know;


Fortnite: Battle Royale


Fortnite: Battle Royale is a free to play section of the game Fortnite, which sees 100 players dropped onto an island from a battle bus, where they have to compete until one survivor remains. Does your child play this game online? If so, read our top tips for parents and what you need to know;