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Yvette Watson

Yvette Watson

Yvette Watson was born 4 August 1961 and lived at Aldeburgh in Suffolk with her parents and sisters.

She was reported missing to Norwich police on 30 March 1979 while she was a voluntary patient at the David Rice Hospital, on Drayton High Road, Hellesdon, where she was receiving treatment for depression.

Yvette was 17 when she disappeared and at the time was described as 5'6" tall, slight build with short dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair complexion. It is not clear what clothing she had on but it was believed she was either wearing jeans or a brown cord skirt with a short jacket. She had £3.50 in her possession and hasn’t been seen since.


Original investigation

An investigation was launched into Yvette’s disappearance after the hospital reported her missing.

Officers interviewed a number of people including hospital staff, family and friends.

Yvette had a history of going missing but always returned of her own accord or had been found.

There was a potential sighting of Yvette on Bull Close Road in Norwich on 2 April 1979 by a former teacher but there have been no other reported sightings of her.


Current progress

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Yvette Watson’s disappearance and officers continue to appeal for new information which could help solve this case.


Contact details

Unsolved Case Review Manager: Mr Andy Guy

Contact Tel: 01953 423819 

Email: https://mipp.police.uk/operation/363718M97-PO1

Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.