Proper Lock It

Campaign launched: 30 Aug 2013

Police are urging cyclists to ‘proper lock’ bikes in the city as a new crime prevention video is launched on YouTube.

The video, called #ProperLockIt, aims to encourage cyclists to think more about security by showing the speed and ease at which cycles can be stolen.

The minute-long clip shows the victim securing her bike to a lamppost with a plastic wire lock while all the time she is being watched by a thief, played by Norwich East officer, PC Dave Block.

"It makes no sense securing a bike worth £200-£300 with a chain lock which costs £2-£3."

As the victim walks off the thief makes his move, checking he’s not being watched before getting hold of the handle bars and seat and using brute force to rip the bike from the lamppost

The steal is made in seconds and the lock snaps with ease, offering no challenge to the thief who casually walks away from the scene of the crime.

Norwich Policing Commander, Superintendent Dave Marshall, said he hoped the video would get cyclists thinking about security.

He said: “We carry out regular patrols in the city centre and are constantly on the look-out for bike thieves but we need cyclists to be more security conscious.

“It is easy to forget than some bikes can be worth several hundred pounds and would cost a lot to replace. With this in mind it’s worth investing in a decent lock. It makes no sense securing a bike worth £200-£300 with a chain lock which costs £2-£3.”

“The video highlights the ease at which a bike can be stolen, if it’s secured with a poor quality lock. It literally takes seconds….if that. Quite often offenders will be so brazen that passers-by wouldn’t necessarily realise a crime is taking place.

“We would recommend using a heavy-duty bike lock, similar to a D-lock, and certified by Sold Secure.”

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Cycle security: Top tips
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Other top tips for cycle security include:

  • Avoid isolated or dimly lit places – leave your bike where a potential thief will be clearly visible 
  • If yours is a very expensive bike, don’t lock it in the same place on a regular basis – so it won’t be noticed and stolen to order 
  • Lock your bike through an immovable object – use a proper bike rack, ground anchor or robust street furniture 
  • Make the lock or chain hard to manoeuvre when parked 
  • Keep the gap between the bike and lock small.