Campaign launched: 4 Jul 2011

What happens once a person has been arrested? What are our Police Investigation Centres like?

These questions are answered in a innovative short film produced by Norfolk Constabulary's Digital Media Team.

Arrested for burglary, 'Ben Gardiner'* is taken to one of our state-of-the-art Police Investigation Centres based in Norfolk and Suffolk. There's nowhere to hide for Ben now as his personal details and biometrics are taken and presented with compelling evidence, he will have to admit his crime and face the consequences of his actions.

Produced in-house, 'Custody' raises awareness of the custody process following arrest, in addition to showcasing the new Police Investigation Centres.

The film also includes annotations, that can be turned on or off, to provide a commentary on the journey and explanation of the features in the Police Investigation Centre.

Anne Campbell, head of Corporate Communications for Norfolk and Suffolk police, said: “This is an original film which not only sheds light on life behind bars in a modern police custody centre but also highlights the innovative collaboration work being undertaken by Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies.

“It’s a low-budget product produced entirely by Norfolk communications staff but one which we hope will be of benefit to a wide audience, with the potential to be used as educational tool in schools.

Produced by communications officer Jon Ford and directed by digital media officer Ian Shearman, the project was filmed at Wymondham Police Investigation Centre. 

Cast (in order of appearance): PC Dylan Richards, Michael Oglesby (Ben Gardiner), Sgt Ralph Kerrison, PC Emma Beck and Steven George.