Child's play

Campaign launched: 18 Nov 2013

A unique new take on an age old problem sees the launch of a short online film reminding householders not to make burglary ‘child’s play’ for offenders.

The one minute film, broadcast on Norfolk Constabulary’s YouTube channel, features four-year-old Jack illustrating how lax home security can open the door to opportunist thieves.

Launched to coincide with a week-long campaign by UK police forces to combat burglary, the video intends to highlight simple home security measures which - if not taken - can make the home a playground for burglars.

Chief Constable Simon Bailey welcomed the launch of the film, saying: “While incidents of burglary in Norfolk are at their lowest in a decade - and continue to fall - we know that this is still one of the most impactive crimes on victims.

"The film is intended to engage in a novel way but to drive home a serious message around crime prevention.”

Burglary. Don't make it child's play. 

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Home security: Top tips
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You can reduce the risk of your home being burgled by making sure you’ve taken these simple (and often inexpensive) precautions:

  • Be aware - Most burglaries are carried out by opportunist thieves. Sometimes, they don’t even have to use force - they get in through an open door or window. Get into the routine of checking that windows and doors are closed and locked and use window limiters if windows are to be left open at night. 
  • Evaluate the height of your front boundary – walls, fences and hedges should all be no higher than 1m and trees should be crowned to 2m from the ground to give a good view from passing traffic/pedestrians so any thief will be visible.
  • Lighting on the property should be fit for purpose – don’t light areas which are not overlooked as this gives the criminal light to work in with little chance of detection. Consider lighting at the front of the property to make sure all visitors are easily visible. Dust to Dawn lights can be more effective that sensor-activated lights, they can have a lower lux (dimmer) so they do not cause irritation to neighbours.
  • Fit locks which are fit for purpose to your windows and doors. All final exit doors should be fitted with at least one five-lever mortice lock which is BS3621. All accessible windows should be fitted with window locks – two on windows over 30cm. Accessible windows are all those on the ground floor and upper floors accessible from a flat roof or other climbing aid. 
  • Use automatic timers to light up your home and consider using timers on any radios inside your property to give the appearance of occupancy and create a level of uncertainty in the mind of the criminal.