Community Scrutiny Panel

Independent community scrutiny panel

The role of the Independent Community Scrutiny Panel is to scrutinise Norfolk and Suffolk's performance in relation to the use of Stop and Search within its communities. 

The panel meet quarterly to examine:

  • Stop Search forms (where identifying information has been removed) to ensure that the searches had been carried out according to Code A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).
  • The use of D.60 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994; once a section 60 authorisation is in place, officers do not need to have suspicions on a particular individual prior to stopping them.
  • The Constabulary's quarterly Improvement and Evaluation report on Stop Searches.
  • To discuss any lay observations (also known as a ride along with the police) that have taken place, and any issues or questions raised as a result of one.
  • To offer advice on complaints and subsequent investigations and act as a critical friend to the Constabulary to help us improve our service.

If you have any questions regarding the work of the Independent Community Scrutiny Panel or are interested in joining the panel contact Julie Inns at [email protected]

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly then you have the right to complain (please click here for advice on how to complain).