Appropriate Adult Volunteers

The PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence) Act 1984 introduced the appropriate adult role - providing people to support and advise detainees. The role is independent of the police, social care or solicitors and ensures support is available to young people in police custody.

Local authorities have a legal duty to provide young people with an appropriate adult whilst they are detained in custody. For adults with additional support needs and young people who are detained for questioning by the police, appropriate adult volunteers make sure that processes are carried out as they should be, that their rights are upheld and that their wellbeing is not forgotten.

In 2017/2018 the ACT Appropriate Adult Service responded to a total of 2854 of which 1,749 were vulnerable Adults and 1,105 were Juveniles.

The Appropriate Adult Service operates across Suffolk 7 days a week on a rota basis and from October 2018 will also include Norfolk. This is mainly facilitated by volunteers. Should you wish to consider becoming a volunteer, you can choose time slots in advance that are convenient for you. We ask for a minimum volunteer requirement of 4 hours a fortnight where you will be on-call to your local Police Investigation Centre.

You will receive full training and be supported by the team at Anglia Care Trust. You will be able to attend police interviews with experienced volunteers until you feel comfortable to work on your own.  All mileage expenses will be covered.

This scheme is run by Anglia Care Trust. For more information, and to apply, please visit their website.

You can also call Anglia Care Trust on 01473 622888 / 07918 083 632 or email them: [email protected]