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Tackling Organised Exploitation (TOEX) Programme


Criminality involved in the organised exploitation of the vulnerable continues to evolve, and in some cases, thrive. Significant work is already being undertaken by UK law enforcement to tackle organised exploitation such as county lines, human trafficking, modern slavery, child sexual exploitation, and child sexual abuse; however, this landscape is complex, and requires a sophisticated solution 

The Tackling Organised Exploitation (TOEX) programme, a national project between the NPCC and NCA, is an innovative approach, which will build on and continue to strengthen the reach and impact of policing activity to disrupt the organised exploitation of the vulnerable. The model will deliver a holistic, threat-neutral approach to tackling and preventing organised exploitation, creates efficiencies in resources, intelligence and information sharing and safeguards the most vulnerable in society. 

Following a successful Spending Review bid with funding secured for £4 million for the financial year 2021 – 2022, there are a number of exciting opportunities for experienced and skilled candidates to join the TOEX Programme as part of the national team, embedded within regional structures.  

These roles will be based within one of the Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs). These units form a critical part of the national policing network, provide a range of specialist policing capabilities to forces which help them to tackle serious and organised crime effectively. These capabilities include undercover policing, specialist surveillance, and cyber-crime investigation. 

ROCUs investigate and disrupt organised crime groups operating across police force boundaries, additionally they act as an important point of connection between police forces and the National Crime Agency (NCA).  

If successful, you will be part of this cutting-edge programme, which will deliver a first of its kind intelligence and performance framework, innovative technology and build on work already undertaken to enhance the reach and capacity of forces against these serious threats.  

Currently, all of our vacancies have been filledHowever, if you would like to know more about future recruitment opportunities, please contact the TOEX HR lead, Rona Murray, via [email protected].