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Grants & Other

Did you know that organisations, charities or community groups can apply for funding if their objectives and aims support that of the Safer Norfolk Foundation?

You can find out more about the foundation below.

In addition, learn about the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme - a voluntary scheme in which individuals receive accreditation from our Chief Constable to help improve community safety. 

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) is a voluntary scheme under which the Chief Constable can accredit people working in roles that help improve community safety with limited but targeted powers.

Accredited staff will:

  • only be awarded powers that are appropriate to the roles they carry out
  • wear an appropriate badge 
  • be uniformed
  • carry ID cards that identify them, their role, and the powers they have

The scheme:

  • enables public and private bodies to work with the police, providing additional presence in communities 
  • makes use of the skills and information taken by those already engaged with the community

The authority for Chief Constables to establish and maintain a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) is provided by Section 40 of the Police Reform Act 2002. It states that a CSAS can be established if the Chief Officer considers it appropriate for the purposes of a) contributing to public safety and (b) in co-operation with the police force for the area, combating crime and disorder, public nuisance and other forms of anti-social behaviour.

Along with the necessary suitability and capability requirements of accredited persons, Chief Officers must be confident that accredited persons have successfully undertaken appropriate training for their role. Each organisation will organise and finance the training for their accredited persons ensuring it is approved by Norfolk Constabulary.

The training that accredited persons must receive is a nationally approved modular package that will be delivered by a provider approved by Norfolk Constabulary. It will cover:

  • relevant legislation in respect of CSAS schemes and the specific police powers they are to be granted
  • diversity and social inclusion
  • conflict management and assertiveness
  • evidence recording and dealing with incidents
  • using communication equipment
  • the National Intelligence Model
  • local procedures to deal with the issue of Fixed Penalty Notices (if that power is to be granted) and the use of pocket notebooks.
  • powers designated and how they are to be exercised

It will be the responsibility of the CSAS Coordinator to ensure that relevant legal, procedural and guidance updates are circulated to the approved organisations as and when required.

The Accreditation process

There are two elements to the accreditation process:

  • The approval of the employer.
  • The accreditation of the employee.

The Chief Constable must be satisfied of the following:

  • That the employer is a fit and proper person to supervise the carrying out of the functions for the purposes of which accreditation is to be granted
  • Employers have established and maintain satisfactory arrangements for the handling of complaints
  • Provision for employers to supervise the accredited staff community safety functions

If the organisation is in the private sector then the approval process will be undertaken by ACPO CPI Ltd who will make recommendation as to whether they are a fit and proper employer to join the scheme. If the organisation is in the public sector then the approval process will be undertaken locally by the CSAS coordinator. In either circumstance, the approval procedure will follow ACPO guidelines and will require detailed examination of policies and procedures, the vetting of directors and the inspection of their complaints processes.

Accreditation of the employee

Once company approval has been achieved, the employees identified in the business case will be considered for accreditation based on their function and their role in assisting the force to meet the aims of the scheme. 

The Chief Constable must be satisfied of the following:

  • That the person to be accredited is a suitable person to exercise the powers that will be conferred on them by virtue of the accreditation;
  • That the person to be accredited is capable of effectively carrying out the functions for the purposes for which those powers are to be conferred; and
  • That the person to be accredited has / will receive adequate training for the exercise of those powers.
  • That the person is 18 years old or over.

Further detail of the scheme can be found on the Home Office website.


Norfolk Constabulary Community Safety Accreditation Scheme approved organisations are:
EventGuard Ltd
EventGuard Ltd is a private security company specialising in stewarding public events, along with other roles such as key holding, mobile & static patrols and door supervision. EventGuard Ltd was accredited on 10 October 2008. Currently there are 18 accredited persons.
NPSS Security Services Ltd
NPSS is a provider of Event Security, Traffic Management, Aviation Security, Static Guarding and Retail Security. The company specialise in the fields of Traffic Management, Crowd Management, Venue and Event Security.
NPSS were formed in 2011 and currently have 57 accredited staff.
The British cycling Federation
The British Cycling Federation is the internationally recognised governing body of cycle sport in the UK. They joined CSAS in a number of counties in our region including Norfolk and have been given powers to direct traffic. This allows them to manage organised cycle events across the county after appropriate consultation with our local Traffic Managers and Safety Advisory groups. Currently there are 13 accredited persons.
Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd
The Traffic Management department at Mervyn Lamberts was established in May 2007. Mervyn Lambert Plant offer a complete Traffic Management service including all aspects of high speed works, traffic light and Stop/Go systems and Mobile Lane Closures. Currently there are 7 accredited persons.

Public Notice

Community Safety Scheme Accredited logo
For a power to be used by an Accredited Person, the CSAS logo must be visible on clothing that identifies the organisation they work for, at chest height. 

It is acceptable for the badge to be worn on the upper part of a sleeve. 

Each Accredited Person carries an identity card which is credit card sized, and has the CSAS logo as a silver hologram in the top right corner.


Any training organisation delivering CSAS training has to be approved by Norfolk Constabulary and meet the criteria as defined by "Skills for Security".


Elite Academy of Security Training

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