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Eligibility criteria to become a Police Constable

There is a specific eligibility criteria that you must comply with to become a Police Constable. Therefore you must complete the questions below in order to be emailed an application pack. If you do not comply with this criteria or answer the questions truthfully your application will not be progressed.

If you are a Special Constable, please note you must have completed the full initial training and be signed off for independent patrol. If you are a PCSO, you must have completed your probation period and be confirmed in post.

The standards are:

Distance vision corrected:

6/12 or better with either your right or left eye

6/6 with both eyes together

Near vision corrected:

6/9 with both eyes together

Colour vision:

The use of colour correcting lenses is not acceptable.

Monocromats are not accepted.

Uncorrected vision:


Eye Surgery:

Radial keratotomy, arcuate keratotomy or corneal grafts are not accepted.

To calculate your BMI divide your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared. There are numerous websites to access a calculator that will determine your BMI when you enter the desired information.