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0.8 Road traffic collision

Please read before you continue.

If you have been involved in a road traffic collision that does not require police attendance you can make a report here.

If someone has been killed or seriously injured do not report your collision here. Please ring 999.

If you or any other person received any injury as a result of this Road Traffic Collision do not report your collision here. Please attend your local station within 24 hours or alternatively ring 101.

In order to complete and submit an online road collision report you will need to provide a valid email address.

Please only report collisions that have taken place in the Norfolk Police area using this form.

Please note that it could take up to 6 weeks for a response from the traffic collision department, there is a statutory time limit of 6 months to investigate a collision

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Norfolk Police does not investigate collisions reported in excess of 30 days.

There is no need to complete a report at this time unless details were not exchanged at the time of the collision. Norfolk Police will then review our records to see if the collision has been reported separately by the other party/parties involved.

If you have exchanged details there is no need to continue to report your collision today as an investigation will be conducted by your insurance company.

However if:

  • you have an injury that has been verified by your GP or local hospital;
  • your insurance company has established that one or more parties involved is uninsured then please proceed with the report;
  • you are alleging an offence that can be verified by an independent witness or video footage.

If you are unsure if you have a duty to report this collision then please proceed with the report.

Please note collisions involving parked cars on a road or within car parks where only minor damage has been sustained will not be investigated but will be recorded. You should refer these to your insurance company.