Report lost property

Lost something?  Please answer the questions below to find out if you need to call us to tell us about it.

If your insurance company has asked you to contact us for a reference number, you can send our letter for insurance companies to them.

Did you lose your property in Norfolk?

You need to contact the local police force where you lost the property.

Did you lose the property on private premises (e.g. shop, restaurant, nightclub etc.)

You should contact the owner or premises to tell them about your loss so they can check and/or record your lost item(s).

Is the property a mobile phone, computer or ANY equipment with a serial number, including bicycles?

Mobile telephones, MP3 players, computers and ANY equipment with a serial number (including bicycles).

You can report the loss and print a certificate free via www.immobilise.com.


Is the property a bank card?

You should report this loss to your card issuer.

Is the property a blue disabled badge for parking?

You should report this loss to the issuing authority e.g. Norfolk County Council.

Is the property a passport, driving licence or identity card?

Passports, driving licences and ID cards

UK passports or driving licence: Report directly to the Passport Office or DVLA, or in the event of criminality, report to the Police.
Foreign passports, ID cards and driving licences: Report directly to your embassy or high commission.

Is the property of low value eg luggage, empty purse, empty wallet, umbrellas etc?

Unidentifiable low value items

It is highly unlikely that items such as luggage, empty purses, empty wallets or low value unidentifiable items such as umbrellas, spectacles, used or soiled clothing and perishable goods will be handed in to the Police. Therefore you are advised to make enquiries at the location the item was lost.

As the property does not appear to fit into any of the above categories, please call us on 101, for further advice.