0.1 Business theft

Report business theft and shoplifting

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Businesses and retail premises can use this service to report non-emergency retail thefts, such as shoplifting and making off without payment of goods or services.


  • Current Start
  • Organisation details
  • Your personal details
  • About the crime
  • Suspects and CCTV evidence
  • Additional information
  • Privacy and declaration
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of form completed.

10 minsThis form should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

Call 999 immediately if:

  • The crime is still in progress
  • Someone's injured, being threatened or in imminent danger
  • The offender is still at the scene.

What do I need?

  • Your organisation details, including  address and postcode
  • Your personal details
  • Details of the crime - when and where it happened
  • Description of the items stolen
  • Permission from the victim or organisation if you're reporting it on their behalf

As a victim of crime you may be contacted following your report to complete a satisfaction survey about the service provided.

If you're unsure if you should be reporting to the police, you can check if it's a police matter here

Please only report one incident per submission

Did you try to report this incident via the 101 number?
Please confirm this report is not urgent as stated above
Was the crime committed in Norfolk?

This crime cannot be reported to Norfolk Police. Find the force here where the offence took place.

If you are reporting an incident where someone has not paid for the use of goods or services please confirm you believe this act to have been done dishonestly.

Indicators of dishonesty may be:

  • Concealing their or a vehicle''s identity
  • Having done this before
  • Left or driven off at speed  

If you think this is an honest mistake you can make a civil recovery. For theft of petrol you can fill in a V888/2 form at www.gov.uk to pursue this further.

I believe the act to have been done dishonestly