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Case Studies

Norfolk Constabulary have created a series of case studies from over the years telling the stories of both victims and witnesses. Please tell us of your positive or negative experience in having been a victim or a witness attending court in the county on [email protected]

Nigel's Story - Victim of sexual abuse

Nigel was sexually abused as a child and carried shame with him for many years. He spoke to the Harbour Centre years after the abuse took place when he found it was having a profound impact on his life.

Shelia's Story - Rape time to Stop

Before Sheila came to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre, she "didn't know which way to turn". Hear Sheila's story and her message for other victims of rape and sexual assault.

Ruth's Story - Victim of domestic abuse

When Ruth cooked garlic bread instead of rice for her husband's tea little did she realise it would lead to a chain-reaction of events which would change her life forever...

Susie's Story - Mother to victim of sexual abuse

Hear Susie's story after her young daughter was sexually abused. This video was released as a specialist support centre dedicated to victims of rape and sexual assault was extended to children across Norfolk.

James's Story - A victim of sexual abuse

A male victim of sexual abuse has taken the unprecedented step to waive his anonymity in a bid to encourage others to speak out and stop the suffering.

James Warner, aged 52, was the catalyst for Norfolk Constabulary's investigation into historical sexual offences at Sheringham Court School in the 1970s.

Kate's Story - A victim of domestic abuse

“He used silence as a weapon all the time. He’d not talk to me for days until I was begging him to speak to me in flood of tears. He ruled my mood all the time.

Domestic abuse includes coercive or controlling behaviour. Kate is a survivor of domestic abuse and has taken the courage to speak out about her experience in a bid to help others.

Alice's story - A victim of CSE

As part of the material produced for Norfolk Police's online child sexual exploitation awareness conference on 28th September 2016, a brave victim of CSE has spoken about her account of how she was exploited by an older man through Facebook.

From a baby Alice, 15, was brought up solely by her mum. They had a very close bond as her biological father had left before she was born.

A number of dads came and went but none of them really worked out until her mum met *David. They were together 11 years….until he started drinking heavily which led to violence.

One night David returned home intoxicated and hit Alice’s mum around the face – that was the final straw.

They separated and Alice’s mum met *Greg who Alice came to love and trust like the father she never had.

She was in the last years of high school when she was introduced to Leon.

Alice and Leon became girlfriend and boyfriend and he moved into her family home but he soon became abusive, calling her names, forcing her to have sex with him and hitting her.

This is Alice’s story….

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