Excess speed for the conditions, or the limit, is one of the main reasons for accidental deaths and injuries on our roads. Speed limits are there to protect road users warning them of the dangers of the road and if caught speeding you could instantly face a minimum of a £100 fixed penalty and three points on your licence or attend court.

Speed limits on the roads vary depending on the vehicle that you are driving. Here is a list of the speed limits and speed restrictions based on vehicle type:

Speed limits
(Type of vehicle)
Built-up areas*
mph (km/h)
Single carriage-ways
mph (km/h)

mph (km/h)

mph (km/h)

Cars, motorcycles, dual purpose vehicles & car-derived vans up to two tonnes maximum laden weight

When towing caravans or trailers

30 (48)

30 (48)

60 (96)

50 (80)

70 (112)

60 (96)

70 (112)

60 (96)

Motorhomes or motor caravans up to 3.05 tonnes
maximum unladed weight

30 (48) 60 (96) 70 (112) 70 (112)

Motorhomes or motor caravans more than 3.05 tonnes maximum unladed weight

30 (48) 50 (80) 60 (96) 70 (112)

Buses, coaches and minibuses (up to 12m in overall length)

30 (48) 50 (80) 60 (96) 70 (112)

Buses, coaches and minibuses (more than 12m in overall length)

30 (48) 50 (80) 60 (96) 60 (96)

Goods vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight

30 (48) 50 (80) 60 (96) 70 (112)**

Goods vehicles more than 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight (England & Wales)

30 (48) 50 (80) 60 (96) 60 (96)

Goods vehicles more than 7.5 tonnes maximum laden weight (Scotland)

30 (48) 40 (64) 50 (80) 60 (96)

* 30mph limit usually applies to all traffic on all roads with street lighting unless signs show otherwise
** 60mph (96km/h) if articulated or towing a trailer

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Useful Contacts
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For further information on the Redspeed Speedcurb 

For further information on the Truvelo DCAM 

For further information on the Specs Speed 

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Speed Awareness Courses
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Some drivers may be eligible to attend a Speed Awareness Course rather than a fine and points on their licence. To be eligible you must not have completed a course within the previous three years and the speed of the vehicle must fall into a certain criteria.

Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies follow the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) guidelines regarding the speed of vehicles.

Speed Limit Exceeded Actual Speed to be offered a course
30 35 - 42
40 46 - 53
50 57 - 64
60 68 - 75
70 79 - 86


Course Contents

The course aim is to contribute towards safer communities by increasing drivers’ intention to drive at an appropriate speed within the speed limit. Courses can be taken anywhere in the country and are held in the daytime, evenings and at weekends.  The session is a classroom based interactive workshop delivered by a nationally accredited trainer and takes 4 hours to complete.  There is no driving involved.

For further information or to book a place on a course please visit Norfolk Courses.


Why Choose a Course?

  • No fixed penalty or penalty points.
  • No test.
  • Professional guidance and advice.
  • A chance to update your driving knowledge.  


How much does it cost?

Costs will vary around the country. The current cost in Norfolk is £90.

Useful Links

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Safety Camera Team
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The Safety Camera Team operates across the county's road network to maintain the safety of Norfolk's road users.

You can follow the team on Twitter here.

Where are the sites? 

Norfolk has 26 fixed camera sites throughout the county to detect vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit on roads. These sites are chosen due to the number of fatal or serious injury road traffic collisions that have occurred.The sites and number of offences detected can be accessed below...

Speed Cameras

The data for offences caught by mobile speed cameras can be found below.

Mobile Van Speeders

Contact the Team

Telephone: 01603 276400

Lines are open Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm.

Email: [email protected]