Forensic Collision Investigation Unit


FCIs attend all Fatal or potentially fatal collisions, life changing collisions and collisions where their skills may add value to an investigation, they may also attend Police vehicle Collisions.

FCIs provide this service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, either on duty or on-call.

The definition of a ‘Life changing injury’ is:-

 “Catastrophic injuries that are so serious that life-long health and wellbeing is drastically affected. They have a devastating impact on individuals and communities.”

The role of an FCI at the scene is;

  • To assist the Roads Policing Scene Manager to identify the full extent of the scene
  • To assist the scene manager to secure the scene in order to prevent loss of material evidence
  • To identify, preserve and record all physical material which could be relevant to an investigation, as any collision scene is treated as a crime scene until otherwise proven.
  • To mechanically examine Vehicles.

Following the time spent at the scene, the FCI will provide evidence where required as an independent expert witness. Whilst the FCI’s are employed by the police there role is to gather evidence and to help explain why a collision occurred and are required to be fully independent in any conclusions they make.

FCI’s have to undertake training which can take up to 2 years to complete and be assessed as competent, they then have to attend yearly development events and are provided additional training in the discipline.

The unit is currently working towards accrediting under ISO 17020, this is a national requirement from the Forensic regulator.