Car Parks

Breaking the rules within car parks is no longer a criminal matter; and the enforcement of the rules is carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers who work on behalf of either the Local Authority or a private firm. Boards are usually displayed within the car parks, to show the company responsible for the enforcement and their rules. The offence is a civil one and the company will be able to provide the appropriate advice.


Parking outside schools 

While officers may provide advice and guidance around parking within the yellow zig zag markings, there is no criminal offence to be enforced.  

However, when the yellow zig zag markings are accompanied with a clear way sign, this becomes a motoring offence which can be enforced by the police.

In situations where there are markings, a clear way sign and a Traffic Regulation Order in place, both police and Civil Parking Enforcement Officers may issue a Traffic Offence Report (TOR) which carries a non-endorsement financial fine.


Street Parking

As with car parks, parking offences have been decriminalised throughout the county of Norfolk, and are the responsibility of Civil Enforcement Officers. Norfolk Constabulary enforces only the following, which remain a criminal offence:

  • parking obstructions (including skips and trailers)
  • white zig zag lines at crossings
  • police no-waiting signs

The penalties initially start from a £30 fixed penalty to a £100 with 3 penalty points, with higher penalties being given out by the courts.