Debris on the Road

Highways England is responsible for the upkeep and removal of debris from trunk roads and motorways. Local authorities have responsibility for all other roads.

Unwanted debris on the road can cause major delays and puts drivers and pedestrians at risk. If you notice debris on the road, you should report it to the relevant agency.

The trunk roads covered within this area are:

  • Area 6 – A47, A11, A12 and A14 Felixstowe to J37 (A142) Newmarket.
  • Area 8 – A14 J37 (A142) Newmarket to Cambridgeshire Border.

Click here to find out what roads are managed by the highways agency.

Local Authorities

Your local authority is responsible for the upkeep of all other roads and will assist with the removal of smaller, non-urgent debris from the roadside.

Further guidance from your local authority can be found at their websites.

Norfolk County Council covers all other roads.