Abandoned Vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle, contact your local District, City or Borough Council.

Abandoned vehicles cause an eye sore in our communities, they are often targets for acts of vandalism and can even be linked to criminal activity. Abandoned vehicles are any vehicles, or part of vehicles, which;

  • are untaxed (not a reason on its own)
  • have no current vehicle keeper on DVLA records
  • have been stationary for a significant amount of time
  • are significantly damaged, run down or un-roadworthy (e.g. flat tyres, wheels removed, broken windows or lacking one or more of its number plates)
  • are burned out
  • contain waste
  • are causing an obstruction.

The removal of abandoned vehicles is carried out by the local council, however if the vehicle is causing an obstruction or is considered to be dangerous, then it will need to be reported to the police by calling 101.

Please note: If you notice a vehicle having its parts removed, phone us on 999 with a full description of those involved and their vehicle details, if they have one present.