Retail Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about the impact of shoplifting and its associated anti-social behaviour on those who are involved as victims, witnesses, or simply passers-by.

The information that we collect may be used in court as a body of evidence for judges and magistrates. Your words may be used by Police in court, to support our application for conditions to be applied to prolific shoplifters.

You'll be able to remain completely confidential or to give us your details should you wish (as we may decide to contact you to discuss something you tell us). If the information you provide is used in court, this will be done anonymously.

In other Forces in the country where a similar process has been undertaken, the courts have applied conditions to shoplifters such as banning them from particular shops or even whole areas of a city centre, and offenders may face prison if they breach these conditions.

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Have you witnessed shoplifting or anti-social behaviour towards shop staff in Norwich recently?
Was this in a public place (a street) or a business (a shop, for example)?
Were you a witness, a victim, or working at the location at the time?