Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) covers many types of actions from low-level persistent nuisance to serious public disturbance and is behaviour that: 

  • is capable of causing nuisance and annoyance
  • is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress 
  • creates significant and persistent problems in the neighbourhood 
  • leaves communities intimidated and afraid. 

Examples of such behaviour would include: 

  • noise
  • harassment 
  • vandalism 
  • graffiti and fly tipping 
  • nuisance neighbours 
  • street drinking 
  • intimidation and threats
  • violence 
  • hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived differences. 

What will we do? 

If ASB is affecting you or your family we will: 

  • Listen to you & treat the problem seriously taking action to permanently address the problem. 
  • Seek ways to prevent it happening again and report back to you about what we have done.

What can you do? 

  • Attend a police Safer Neighbourhood Team event to raise your concerns with them. 
  • Discuss any issues with your local councillor, who can act on your behalf to raise concerns with the council and other organisations. 

How do I report ASB? 

  • Online here
  • Contact Norfolk Police by calling 101.
  • Contact your local District Council.
  • Social housing tenants can report the problem to their Housing Officer.
  • In an emergency always call the police on 999

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Case Review

If you think that your case has not been dealt with in the way you wanted, raise your concerns with the agency you reported the matter to. They will take your concerns seriously, and try to ensure your needs are met. 

If this fails you may wish to instigate a formal ASB Case Review (formerly Community Trigger).

ASB Case Review  gives victims the right to require action is taken where an ongoing anti-social behaviour problem has not been addressed. This asks agencies such as the local council, police and housing providers to review collectively how they have responded, by conducting an Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review.