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Key holder Register

Outside normal trading hours, who holds the keys to your business premises? When you are away from home, who holds the keys to your property? If you are community volunteer, do you hold the keys for non-commercial buildings?

The emergency services are called to many building incidents where the owner / occupier are found not to be on the scene. In this situation, and for your own peace of mind, who do we advise?

By registering details of who is responsible, and holding a key, they may be urgently contacted should your building sustain for example, a burst pipe, a broken window, a break-in, or a fire.

Such damage to buildings usually means an immediate repair is required, and that it is made secure from any further damage.   By letting you or a key holder urgently know the nature of the incident, the situation of incurring even greater damage or loss, accompanied with higher repair bills, can be avoided.

So when your are away or unavailable, the Police Keyholder Registration Scheme assists both commercial premises or owners of residential properties, and forms part of Norfolk Constabulary’s commitment to keeping homes and businesses in our county safe and free from crime.   The same applies to non-commercial premises such as churches, schools, village halls, and social clubs.