Business Crime

Protecting your business from crime is extremely important and should be part of the day to day running of any company. 

Often, all you need to do to put off thieves is show that you’ve kept your assets, buildings, property and vehicles secure.

To protect your business think about: 

  • security for valuables 
  • controlling who enters and exits buildings/premises
  • reducing opportunities for the criminal by ‘designing out crime’
  • steps to take in the event of crime or emergencies. 


Loyal and vigilant staff are one of your biggest weapons in the fight against crime and you should train employees on what to look for and how to respond to a shoplifting situation.  

Examples of suspicious shoplifting behaviour include: 

  • people working in groups who distract shop floor staff 
  • someone who chooses purchases quickly 
  • people who split up their purchases and use different bank cards to pay
  • someone who tries to speed up a transaction. 

Theft by staff 

Here are some tips you can take to prevent theft by staff: 

  • install CCTV in your store and staff car parks
  • rotate staff who control your business stock 
  • restrict access to as stock rooms 
  • screen all employees before hiring them and tell them about the cost of theft to your business. 

Watch out for warning signs e.g. employees who: 

  • are living beyond their means
  • seem troubled 
  • violate company policies 
  • are chronic liars.