Sex Workers

The priority for Norfolk Constabulary when dealing with matters involving sex working and prostitution is to identify any vulnerability of those involved.
This will include issues such as age, sexuality, ethnicity, mental or physical vulnerability. 

Some people are forced into sex working due to their own vulnerabilities, including:

  • being a victim of child sexual exploitation
  • having a dependency to drugs or alcohol
  • the need to provide for their children. 

Others may have been trafficked and forced into sex working against their will. Victims of human trafficking should always be considered as intimidated victims.

The laws relating to sex working and prostitution can be found here


Norfolk Constabulary supports partner organisations and projects which offer the following to sex workers:

  • prevention/diversion from entry
  • health support
  • social care
  • exit support. 

It also supports organisations offering:

  • support to sexually exploited children and young people
  • health and education initiatives, especially those which diminish or eliminate dependence on illegal drugs and which promote more mainstream lifestyles and careers. 

We actively encourage any person who is involved with sex work and prostitution and is a victim of crime to come forward and report it. We will work with our partner agencies to support and safeguard you.     

Matrix Project

Matrix Project is a friendly, confidential and responsive NHS service for those that are engaging in risky sexual behaviour and sex workers in Norfolk.

If you require help and support please contact:

Tel: 01603 883423

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @project_matrix

The Magdalene Group

The Magdalene Group has been working in the field of sexual exploitation for twenty years. We offer a variety of front-line projects aimed at raising awareness and preventing the sexual exploitation and coercion of women and young people.

Tel: 01603 610256

Email: [email protected]

Doorway Womens Sevices

Doorway supports women working in sex work, prostitution and the adult industry in Norfolk. Our aim is to develop relationships with women, providing friendship, assurance, acceptance and support.

For free, confidential support call: 0808 800 1030

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