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Our History

Norwich City Police, Mounted Branch, during the visit of King Edward VII in 1909.Norwich City Police, Mounted Branch, during the visit of King Edward VII in 1909.

Would you like to know more about someone who served with Norfolk Constabulary in the past?

Norfolk Constabulary historians have access to nine bound volumes which contain a personal record of all officers who served in the Norfolk County Constabulary between 1854 and 1959.
Using the links below, you can search alphabetically for the surname of those former officers. This will open up a .PDF file that includes a surname, forename, and a book and page number for reference.



To find out more about that officer please write to the address below or email [email protected] quoting (a) the officer’s name with the book and page reference number, (b) your postal address and telephone number, (c) the nature of your interest in the officer e.g. relative.

Response to enquiries may take up to four weeks.

Force Historian

C/O Facilities Department

Jubilee House, Falconers Chase



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Photos from the past

Norfolk Constabulary's archives are home to a collection of over 3000 photographs which capture the story of policing in Norfolk over the years.

The collection is provided and maintained by voluntary historians, Peter Billingham and Peter Pilgram. The historians are retired police officers from Norfolk Constabulary.

Below is a photo gallery of some of the images from Norfolk Constabulary's past.