Professional Standards Department

Public confidence in the police depends upon police officers, police staff and contractors working for the police demonstrating the highest level of personal and professional standards of behaviour and our Professional Standards Department works in a variety of ways to make sure the public can have faith in us.

The department’s work encompasses a very broad range of issues and is divided into five units:

Complaints Management Unit

The Complaints Management Unit supports the overall assessment, management and administration of the complaints process. In addition it quality assures all investigations and is the liaison point for the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

If you wish to compliment Norfolk Constabulary, or make a complaint, you can do so here.

Serious Cases Unit

The aim of the Serious Cases Unit is to investigate public complaints against police and internal misconduct matters of a more serious nature in a proportionate, fair and impartial manner.

Appeals and Policy Unit

The Appeals and Policy Unit is a small unit which is located at OCC at Wymondham. Staff have responsibility for receiving, assessing, reviewing and conducting the appeal assessments for public complaints where the Appropriate Authority is the Chief Officer of either Norfolk or Suffolk Constabularies. The officer conducting the appeal review, has had nothing whatsoever to do with the investigation of any complaint and the first time they see the file is when the appeal is assessed as valid and the review process commences. The Appeals Officer will conduct a full review of the investigation that has been carried out taking into account the appeal points which the complainant has raised. A decision will then be made as to whether the appeal is upheld or not upheld and the full rationale of the decision will be explained to the complainant with any further action that needs to be taken.

This unit is also responsible for the collation and dissemination of lessons to learn from investigations and the management of those. Statistical information is also provided by this unit to assist others in the organisation.

Anti-Corruption and Intelligence Unit (ACIU)

The Anti-Corruption and Intelligence unit is responsible for investigating suspected corrupt, dishonest and unethical behaviour involving police officers and police staff within Norfolk Constabulary.

Vetting Unit

The Vetting Unit is responsible for vetting all Constabulary staff, partner agencies and external contractors following approved ACPO guidance and legislation. This is to ensure the professional standards, security, safety and integrity of the organisation are upheld.