Corporate Communications


The Corporate Communications team help the Constabulary to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences across the county.

    Working closely with local and regional media, we also manage our online presence on our website and on social media and look after internal communications.

    Our team consists of:

    • News Team
    • Digital┬áCommunications Team
    • Internal Communications Team
    • Business Unit Team

    We deal with thousands of media enquiries every year from across East Anglia, the UK and internationally. With our policing colleagues, we help to inform and reassure the public and we run communication campaigns on everything from staying safe online to preventing drink and drug driving. We also work directly with police officers, the media and the public to capture and convict criminals by running appeals for information.

    Our online presence delivers information and services and we interact with the public directly, for example through Twitter and Facebook. Officers and staff receive our assistance in delivering important messages about things like road traffic collisions and road closures and we use social media to run campaigns ranging from domestic violence to home security.

    The two police forces we assist employ nearly 5,000 people and our management of their internal communications ensures all our staff and officers are informed and aware of what they need to know to do their jobs.

    To contact the Corporate Communications team, email us on [email protected], call us on 01953 423666.