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Publication scheme

Public authorities are required under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act, to adopt and maintain a Publication scheme, which is approved by the Information Commissioner (ICO) and that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. 

As of 1 January 2009 the Information Commissioner introduced to all Public Authorities an approved model Publication Scheme, enforced by Section 19 of the Act, which sets out the statutory requirements that each public authority must adhere to.

Norfolk Constabulary is committed to adopt the standard format used by police services in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In doing so, information will be effectively managed within specific classes at a high level, confirming the way information can be provided and whether a fee applies.

The Scheme aims to make as much information as possible available to the public on a continual basis; delivering up to date information, ensuring that the contents of the scheme are reviewed and updated within specified timeframes.

To ensure information can be accessed quickly and easily, the Publication Scheme is maintained in accordance with ICO minimum standards and is split into the information classes that are located at the bottom of this page.

Information published onto the Publication Scheme is free of charge however, there may be additional disbursement costs; i.e. for printing or postage, in cases where a large quantity of information is required. 

If you require information, which has not already been published, but is within the minimum standards as set by the ICO, please contact the Freedom of Information Team via [email protected]  

For information, which is not routinely published, you will need to submit a Freedom of Information request.

The Publication Scheme is monitored and developed by the Freedom of Information Team at Police Headquarters.

Copies of documents

If you require a hard copy of any of the information provided within the Publication Scheme, please contact the Freedom of Information team, who can advise whether or not there will be a copying charge. Please refer to the fees and charges section for more details. 


Translation Requests

If you require a document in another format or language, the Constabulary will do its best to help you. Please e-mail your request, together with your contact details to [email protected]

Services we provide

This Section provides information relating to general services provided by the Constabulary and campaigns/projects the Constabulary supports.  

Advice and General for the General Public


College of Policing


Social media

Lists and registers

This section provides information held within lists and registers relating to the function of the Constabulary; and includes the Constabulary’s Disclosure logs


Information held in registers by statute

Suffolk and Norfolk Constabularies are currently working on a public facing Information Asset register, this will be published in due course.


Asset Registers and Information Asset Registers

Norfolk Constabulary does not operate any overt CCTV cameras within the county. 


Register of Interests

PDF icon Business_Interests_Nov_2017.pdf


Register of gifts and hospitality

PDF icon Norfolk_Gifts_2017-18.pdf

PDF icon norfolk_gifts_2016-2017.pdf

PDF icon norfolk_gifts_2015-16.pdf


How we make decisions

We no longer publish meeting minutes and agendas, if required these can be requested through the Freedom of Information Act. You can find the link here.


Norfolk PCC Public Meetings - for information on Norfolk PCC Meetings please click here


Our policies and procedures

This section provides a list of all publicly available Force policies and procedures 

Our policies are published on our website.

The links below show our procedures for;

The College of Policing has provided information on Data Protection and Freedom of Information to assist forces in their statutory responsibility to comply with legislation.

Our priorities and how we are doing

This section identifies strategies, plans and other performance measures used to identify our priorities and to indicate force performance.

Annual Governance Statements


Strategic Plans


Annual Policing Plan


Police Performance Assessment 


Police Force Statistics 


Home Office Police workforce England and Wales statistics


Neighbourhood policing arrangements


Reports from independent custody visitors 


Monitoring of stop and search

Privacy Impact Assessments 


What we spend and how we spend it

This section provides transparency concerning the allocation of budgets and expenditure. Including the Procurement tendering process and the evaluation of police resources.

Annual Governance Accounts 

The Chief Constable (CC) is required by law to publish a set of accounts each year providing a breakdown of the Constabulary’s financial performance and financial position. The statement of accounts follows a standard format (as prescribed by accounting codes of practice) and is audited by external auditors who also review the financial arrangements in place during the year.

Norfolk CC Accounts 31.03.17 Audit Report

The Accounts for 2016/17 have now been audited and are published here together with the audit report from Ernst and Young LLP.

John Hummersone, Chief Finance Officer.

Annual Governance Statements


The Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk accounts:

Norfolk PCC Accounts 31.03.17 Audit Report


Joint Audit Notice 



Council Tax Precept


Force budget


  • You can view the expenditure for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk - £500 expenditure at under 'Finance > Expenditure > Expenditure over £500'. 

Procurement Procedure

Contracts advertised for tender

List and values of contracts


Expenses paid to Chief Officers and Senior Civilian Staff

2017/2018 Quarter 2 Expenses


2017/2018 Quarter 2 Expenses


2017/2018 Quarter 1 Expenses


2016/2017 Quarter 1 Expenses


2016/2017 Quarter 2 Expenses

2016/2017 Quarter 3 Expenses


2016/2017 Quarter 4 Expenses


2015/2016 Expenses



Pay and grading structure


Evaluation of police use of resources


Financial regulations

Visit for information on financial regulations




Who we are and what we do

Information contained within this section will assist in understanding the role of the Constabulary, the partnership arrangements we have with external organisations, the structure of the Constabulary and the identity of our Senior Officers and Staff.


Force structure


Profile of Chief Officers, Senior Officers and Senior Civilian Staff.

We publish all of the profiles for Chief Officers, Senior Officers and Senior Civilian Staff here.


Locations of Police Stations (including mobile units) and public opening hours.

We publish all of the locations of our police stations here.


Contact details


Relationships with other Authorities


Arrangements for special constables and civilian volunteers


Sponsorship arrangements with business

  • Details of our sponsorship arrangements can be found in our gifts, loans, donations and sponsorship policy that is located in our 'policies' section of our website.