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Accessing your personal data

The Data Protection Act provides you with a right to ask for a copy of personal data held about you, subject to some conditions. This is known as 'subject access.' The process below will advise you on how to access personal data held about you such as:
  • conviction information 
  • statements
  • incidents logs
  • crime reports. 
To apply for access to information held on Norfolk Constabulary systems we will need copies of two identity documents and there is a £10 fee. To get a copy of a statement, incident report or crime report apply the following way: 
If you need a copy of other information please contact us:
By post:
You can make a subject access request by following the instructions of the application form and sending all the required information to: 
Information Compliance Unit
Data Protection
Norfolk Constabulary
Falconers Chase
NR18 0WW
By Email: [email protected] 
The Data Protection Act requires that you are given a response to any request for your personal information within 40 calendar days of submitting a valid subject access request.
If you want to know if you have any convictions or cautions you need to follow the process below: 
  • Applications are processed by an organisation called ACRO (Criminal Records Office) and not by us so we cannot accept these forms
  • You will need to complete an application form called a SAR1
If you have questions about this please call ACRO on 0845 6013 999 or email [email protected]
If no information is held about you, you will receive a letter confirming this.
Important Notice: If you complete both forms you only need to pay one £10 fee. The fee should be paid with your SAR1 application to ACRO following the instructions on the form. When completing the constabulary subject access application form please indicate that you have sent your fee to ACRO by ticking the appropriate box.

Applications for Employment Purposes or Personal License

  • If a check is required for employment purposes or a personal license, Disclosure Scotland produces certificates for both individuals and employers 
  • Basic disclosures will provide only unspent conviction information
  • For more information visit


Employment involving access to children, vulnerable adults or the elderly

  • If you are applying for certain job roles or voluntary positions, you may be asked to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, especially if you will be working with young people or vulnerable adults
  • Types of check:
    • Standard – discloses spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings 
    • Enhanced – discloses everything in a standard check plus information locally-held by police forces, which is relevant to the position applied for 
    • Enhanced with list check – discloses everything in an enhanced check and checks the ‘barred list’ (people barred from working with adults or children). 
  • For further information: visit or ring 03000 200 190.  
Please note: the Norfolk Police DBS Disclosure Unit deals with DBS requests for enhanced checks.

Application for a Criminal Record Check when working with children overseas

  • An International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) is provided by ACRO 
  • To contact ACRO direct visit or ring 0845 6013 999 – if calling from outside the UK, ring +44 19628 71111 or email [email protected].



  • “On receipt of any Subject Access Request the Constabulary will check to ensure it is valid. 
  • Submitting and paying for a Subject Access Request does not necessarily mean that it is valid.  It is only considered to be valid once the Constabulary has completed its checks and confirmed back to you by way of letter that it is valid. The statutory time period for the Constabulary to provide a response commences at this point.   
  • Reasons why a request might fail the Constabulary’s checks include not providing sufficient identification, requesting to view someone else’s data or not providing sufficient information to locate personal data relating to you. 
  • If your Subject Access Request is checked and found to be invalid the Constabulary will get in touch with you requesting the additional information to complete the validation process.
  • There may be occasions when a subject access request is refused. If this is the case a refund will be issued.”